8 Best Freerolls Offers for PokerStars

8 Best Freerolls Offers for PokerStars

The poker room contest is very wide open and with so many strategies and tactics emerging, it would be very hard to conclude which is the best way to play the game. We’ve taken a look at the eight best freerolls offered by the popular poker room and have ranked them according to their overall quality.

The Absolute Best Freeroll

The best freeroll is without doubt the Bankroll qualifier. This is the freeroll that Reward offers players the biggest bonus at the poker room. The bonus is 100% up to $50 and the conditions are very favorable so it’s definitely worth it to race through there and grab the chance to win one of theil best freerolls.

The Low Down on the Best Poker Freeroll

The second best freeroll at this poker room is the Basic Freeroll. It’s great for basic poker players that don’t know any better. Run by 888 Poker, Basic Poker Freeroll offers a sweet chance to win a bit of cash in return for a small buy-in. This is the best place to start for the new to intermediate player.

The Zen Garden

Located at the facial value of the legendary figurehead of poker, Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond, the Zen Garden is an absolutely fantastic poker room. They give away a truly astonishing number of poker freerolls each week which make it a superb choice for the bankroll minded poker player. They are a clever place to play for the bonus and also the odd bit of instant cash on the cards.

The High Roller Freerolls

You can also find some of the highest bonus freerolls from the most popular poker room. Here you will find some of the hottest entries that the poker rooms will offer. The best thing about these freerolls is that they are FREE, get your feet wet and you may well win a tidy sum of money.

The Mega Moolah Poker Freerolls

The Mega Moolah poker freerolls are theSound, the maximum jackpot is worth $1,000,000. This freeroll is the biggest of the lot and as such every last participant will win a luxurious sum of money. The biggest jackpot prize in the history of the Mega Moolah poker freerolls was a staggering $1,091,524. Being a billionaire is no bar to winning a freeroll in the poker room.

The Bodog Poker Freerolls

Bodog is a sportsbook by the same company that owns Ultimate Bet. Bodog have a stable of professional poker players including Phil Ivey, Dewalive, disseminator and more. Each night they have freerolls for the huge stake players who want to make a little cash. The leanings are on towards cash or version play, but everything else you can lay your hand down.

Of course, with all the best freerolls you are bound to find some people inserting their own money to get into the poker room. Freeroll access is heavily regulated, so you will need to apply a token amount of effort into ensuring that your own money doesn’t end up in the middle of the web.

Golden Poker Freerolls

Golden Poker offers three freerolls on a weekly basis. They also have a jungle freeroll every hour. In the meantime, their normal games are also available to play for cash winnings. This definitely makes it a little extra interesting the way they have manage to keep poker players interested. Golden Poker is another favourite of mine and I can highly recommend them.