How to Analyze the Tournament Poker Structure

How to Analyze the Tournament Poker Structure

My plan is to compete in Event 7, a $1,500 no limit hold’em tournament, over the next three days. I am using this as my learning platform to better prepare for the upcoming WSOP.

Event 7:This year we will use the same blinds and antes as the other events. I know everyone will be so busy with their own poker tournaments that they will not have enough time to study the event or get updated on the players. For this reason, I think we will have to accept a smaller field in the future.

Hand RankingsThe other tournament poker tools are also used to improve your hand rankings. I am sure you have seen blackjack software or working with poker calculator softwares like poker tracker or holdem Manager. You can use these tools to determine which starting hands you should play, and which you should fold. In a poker event of course, you are playing your cards, and using your softwares to make decisions is a disadvantage, so you are often better off just reading a good book or playing a few small sessions of free poker games. It is surprising how many leaks internet players reveal themselves, by just playing too many hands, or playing too many incorrect starting hands.

For the Event 7 high stakes no limit hold’em tournament, you can use Holdem Manager 5 software (or Poker Tracker 3.x, depending on your preferences) to determine which starting hands you should play, and which ones you should fold.

Reading hands to play.In case you don’t have a live cards 46 hands in a deck, here is a quick way to estimate. If you are a tight player, and you only want to play hand with the best value, you can play exact hole cards only. This is a conservative approach, and mostly wrong, especially in low stakes games. If you want to play hands that will have a high return on your investment, you can loosen up a little. The exact hole cards include all pocket pairs, and also AA-JJ, depending on your view. You should also play medium pocket pairs, such as 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7, 6-6, 5-5, 4-4. But if you have a very tight image, you should only play very premium hands, such as the Ace King, Ace Queen, and King Ace, Ace and King, Queen, King and Queen.

On the other hand, in a loose game you can play many more hands, and it is highly possible to get box set. To play more hands means a higher return on your hands, but also, you can play more incorrectly, calling instead of betting, or to raise instead of folding. These mistakes can cost you a lot of money, so be careful.

For example, if you have AK and lead out with a standard 4x raise from a late position, and 2 players call, you should probably fold. If you and your opponent have the same hand, you will probably be taking the pot down on the flop. However, if you are called, you still have a chance of winning a half pot on the turn, and a full pot on the river.

As you probably seen, there is a lot to think about when using poker tournament tools. If you have just started using a poker tournament calculator, and you want to improve your game, you should definitely start using a rakeback deal, as soon as depo 20 bonus 30 to kecil.