How to Find the Best Betting Forums

How to Find the Best Betting Forums

When money is involved, and people have stakes, emotions come into play. You will find members of many sports forums angry, disgruntled, or otherwise emotionally-disturbed. Sometimes, even members of the same sports forum can’t stay away from each other. This is where one of the most effective betting forums exist, because members can vent theirnec resentment without theheads-up hitter getting in the way.

Most of these forums are fairly honest and admit that the amount of money lost to bad beats are considerably higher than winning. Since the average bettor wins less than half of their bets, the forums are full of people lamenting the fact that the governmentCasinoGiant bend the rules a little when handing out free money. The fact is that the odds are stacked against the player and usually the payoffs are less than true odds. In the end, the casino wins and the players lose. The best policy that can be adopted is to play on an online casino that offers true odds. Casinos with true odds will also have a variety of stakes to cater to every player’s budget and level of play.

The forums are full of people lamenting the bad beats they take from the books. Most players will scream about the books cheating their players and playing bad odds. In truth, the players are the ones bending the rules out of proportion. The frustration of not being able to cover the spread forces many players to vent their frustration. As a result, some of those same players will go to the online betting forums and post about how the books are really good at manipulating the numbers to their benefit.

In reality, the forums are full of people just like you and I, who also have a rager or two. With that in mind, you can rest assured that most of the posts on the forums are Alliance members where members post open reviews of various sites and share experiences of their own. The books don’t advertise their games as much as they should and some of the tactics used on the field can be easily misconstrued. Time to fold the book just a little bit…

Let’s say you were waiting in line for a free poker tournament at a certain offshore location. After enjoying some free drinks and perhaps a little bit of play, you get to the bar and get a call from your lawyer friend sounding all excited and encouraging. You tell him you’re in the big blind and need a few hands later. You hang up the phone and scratch out a remaining corner as you head to the cards. You fold, proceed to the ticket booth and exchange your cold one for a afapoker tournament ticket.

You enter the small blind and find yourself sitting at a full table. Two players ahead of you limp in. You see the dealer lift up a folded hand and place a big chip on the table. You look down and find two aces. Great. You have the best hand so far. You are thinking this is going to be a sure thing.

Another player ahead of you limps in. Only problem is he has a big stack. He’s either going to bet big or wait for a better hand. You decide to flat call, which means you’re doubling the bet. You limp in, and of course lose to the big slick.

A few hands go by and an ace hits on the flop. You have a big stack once again, and decide to go all in. You make a pot sized bet, and player one places a large bet behind you. You decide to call, since you have a lot of chips. Player one turns over a three outer. You bet the pot, and player one folds.

A few hands go by and an ace hits on the flop. You have a big chip stack once again, and decide to go all in. This time player one places a large bet. You look down and find two aces. You have the best hand so far, and decide to call.

A few hands go by and an ace hits on the flop. You have lost the hand, and possibly the tournament, but you actually have the best hand. You have a few reasons to fold this particular hand.

1) You haven’t made any money in a while and want to get some money in.
2) You don’t want to scare player one away from the pot.
3) You’re not really sure what to do with this ace.

What should you have done?

That is a tough question. I think player three was acting really strong and aggressive by going all in. However, he could have re-raised any amount he wants to. A few times a pro will say “I want that pot,” or “I want to get that pot,” and then later they’ll double their raise when it is only natural to want the pot.