How to Play Titan Poker

How to Play Titan Poker

Titan Poker is one of the most popular new poker room sites that have just been launched recently. Titan Poker, the Titan Live Rtp Slot and the Percentages brand, are joining forces to offer you one of the best poker packages available. This deal offers you a multi tier loyalty program, a 50% bonus bonus for first time deposit, a portable account, customer support and much more.

Titan Poker offers you the opportunity to play on their secure site without downloading any software. This is a fantastic choice for those who would like not to take the time to download software but would rather use the website graphics over their software. You can begin playing on their website within minutes after you sign up for the site. You can play holdem, pot limit omaha, draw or omaha hi capped ring games and tournaments.

Titan Poker offers an easy to use interface that allows one to easily track plays, winnings, losses and account balances. This is a nice feature for a number of online poker players who have constant issues trying to manage their accounts. I have personally had to deal with too many headaches trying to balances my accounts as well as too many problems relating to banking and sticky notes. Payment options are also extremely easy as everything is laid out in the friendlyrast interface. I am a fan of the easy to use interface and I truly think that this is the future of poker online and the last holdem stand plain and simple.

When you decide to sign up for this poker site you will want to be aware of all the bonuses this poker room is offering. Well I can tell you right now that there are some awesome bonuses available. When you click on the go live in our poker site you will find a nice little bonus worth your while called the “Titan Bonus”. With this bonus you will receive 100% of your first deposit whose funds are instantly available for you to play with. Not only that you will have a nice 100% match bonus on your first deposit, you will also receive a small bonus to match your first deposit also. If you are a loyal player you will be able to increase your bonus offer to the point where you are actually receiving twice the amount of money that you did in your initial deposit bonus. I have made this review short because I love this poker site and teamed up on it because of the amazing promotions and bonuses they are offering. During the month you will not want to be without these bonuses because they are a great way to pull a profit if you are a poker player.

Studious players will love the number of training videos this poker site offers. You will begin with the most basic of poker training videos, advanced poker training videos as well as select strategy videos. Have a little tour of Studious and check it out today. Or better yet, check out FullContactPoker ONLINE and see what you can do to!