Five Great Casino Games

Five Great Casino Games

You may have once walked into a casino in Las Vegas or along with some friends to try your luck at a game of cards or perhaps roulette. But there is no feeling quite like the excitement of stepping into a real Casino with all the games that you know and love. I love playing roulette and have won many times at the table. Yet, it is the best game for me that I never want to play anywhere else. I guess it is because of my loyal friend con man friends that travel with me from city to city. It’s a lot of fun to travel together.

We first started playing Texas holdem Egp88 games. Several of us had never played any type of gambling card game. We were all very young and had a blast. We would go to churches, restaurants, and anywhere we could lay our hands on a deck of cards. But it wasn’t until we hit the casinos that the fun really began. Those real Crap games at the casinos were better than any card games we played at home. We thought we had what it was going to be called casino craps. But we didn’t understand any of the lingo as they called it. We were just called “crap players”.

We would all get together every now and then and play our favorite casino game. We had different ways of scoring on different games. But eventually, someone had the idea to start holding tournaments. We had never played in a poker tournament and thought it would be a cool idea. We had about twenty people that showed up. We had scheduled it for a month but had to reschedule because one of the people had to sick. Now we had to find a way to make enough money to pay for the trip.

That’s when we started holding Casino Craps Hire. We did a really good job marketing the event. We had event fliers, specials at thegate and Vegas clubs. We had people waiting to buy cards, food, drink, and whatever else we could get. People were waiting until the last minute to buy cards and get their gambling fix. We had people walking up and down the hallways offering different services. We even had a person that offered his “seeing” services.

It was a blast and finally we had people that were actually there as gamblers. It was a full casino with many of the games you’d find at any casino in the world. There was roulette, blackjack, craps, and many other games you’d find at almost any casino. The people were having fun, and making money!

But it wasn’t going to keep happening. We had some idea on how to make the money and take care of our customers, but there’s always another day. Our days were becoming more and more like our nights when we get together every week. The money was starting to go in, but just not in the amount we were used to. So we had to think about ideas.

We’ve been doing this for a while now, but we were stuck at a middle man. So we thought about getting out of it eventually. How often does every business opportunity that hits the fan actually hit? It’s rare, but unfortunately it did happen. In this particular case we were able to realize our long-term vision of exceeding losses over time. It sounds outlandish, but if you think about it, just imagine what it would be like to have a free sports bet calculator that knew the plays for you and the casino was unable to push the buttons. It would take the guess work out of betting because you would be thinking about your opponents plays and determining when you wanted to bet or not.

Our casino craps team was shooting itself in the foot with their over aggressive betting. We had to get out a few times and remind them of the casino’s profit and loss objectives. Then we had to have a little talk with them to let them know that roulette was not a game of chance, but a game of skill. Roulette doesn’t turn wheels, so stop beating yourself up about it. If you want to play roulette, go play blackjack. The math will not abide left handed players beating the crap out of themselves with 11 hits and coming away with nothing. You can’t say that about Those Guys!

If you have people in your life that enjoy trying to beat the game, recognize that they are setting themselves up for a disastrous outcome. In our case we had several walk-ins to the ATM and a $20 gift card to the casino. You probably find yourself asking how we could stand watching people lose their money, well we let them.